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Thanks for visiting Concise Hack – a place to find writing inspiration, grammar and style guidance, and rapport for aspiring writers. 

At its basic function, writing conveys ideas. Whether in a personal journal, a newspaper article, a speech, an essay, or a novel, the written word expresses thoughts. Expressing thoughts into words is easy – think the thought, write the words. Expressing thoughts in an understandable, meaningful way isn’t easy for many writers. During many years teaching composition and editing writers, we compiled easy-to-implement concepts and insights for writers to use to help them make their writing clearer and stronger, easier for their readers to understand and appreciate.

Concise writing is clear and strong. It’s understood and has impact. The ideas of the writer are conveyed so the reader understands them, as closely as possible, as the writer intended them. Writing concisely isn’t easy. We’ve seen intelligent, diligent writers fail. Reflecting on those writers inspired us to create this blog to share some of the simple practices writers can apply to make their writing more concise.

Writing tips, whether grammar, punctuation, spelling, editing, or style, must be easily adapted into everyday use to be helpful. Please join us as we share ideas on making MS Word help you write better, on using stronger word choices, on cracking the complexities of punctuation, and most importantly, on writing concisely. We’re not the grammar police, just readers who appreciate finely developed narrative and hope to help those who want to develop it.