Read This…The Elements of Style


Sometimes only a classic will do. When that time comes, get a copy of The Elements of Style. Concise Hack’s copy of The Elements of Style, by William Strunk, Jr. and E.B. White (yes, the E.B. White who wrote Stuart Little) is copyright 1972 and published by The MacMillan Company. According to the Introduction, Strunk had privately printed his (as described by White “little book”) The Elements of Style in 1919 for use in his classroom, of which White was a student. Thirty-eight years later, White was commissioned by The MacMillan Company to revise the book. From its original 43 pages, White expanded it to 78 pages. I’ve never seen the original version, but I can’t imagine doing without those extra 38 pages. You could just skim this book, looking for the tidbit about whatever writing concept you’re curious about, but it’s only 78 pages, peruse it. Then, sometime later, read it again. Then sometime even later, skim it. Every time, you will learn something that will make your writing better. Every time.